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Whitepaper: SimpliVity Hyperconverged Infrastructure for VMware vSphere

This Technology Overview reviews the features and benefits of SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure and describes the hardware and software components and subsystems that make up the solution.

Components of an OmniStack Node.

Components of an OmniStack Node.

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The document explains the functions and inner-workings of the solution. It decomposes the SimpliVity solution into physical and logical constructs and describes the various internal and external interfaces and data flows. Particular attention is given to the inherent data efficiencies of the SimpliVity architecture as well as the VM-centric, unified management approach that simplifies system administration, data protection, and service automation. The document also reviews supported SimpliVity configurations and deployment models, and provides sample use cases for SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure.

The Technology Overview is intended to assist IT planners, architects, system administrators, system integrators, and other technology professionals who are researching, evaluating or implementing SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure solutions. It explains the key performance, scalability, availability and manageability aspects of the SimpliVity solution and provides a brief overview of the basic system design, deployment and integration guidelines to assist with project planning and best practices development.


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